Iowa State University online meteorology course

With our highly variable weather, perhaps MTEOR 206 (Introduction to Weather) from Iowa State University would be handy?  This online course covers basic concepts in weather and climate, including atmospheric measurements, radiation, stability, precipitation, winds, fronts, forecasting, and severe weather.  Starts May 11.

University of Iowa Distance Education opportunities

Transfer up to 60 hours of any Community College credit, and complete the final 60 credit hours from the University of Iowa - at your own pace - and earn your University of Iowa degree, WITHOUT going to Iowa City!  Tailor your academic experience to meet YOUR needs.

The Bachelor of Applied Studies degree offers four optional Emphasis Areas for students wishing to focus their studies: Creative Writing, Human Relations, Justice Studies, and Political Science.

BAS students can also supplement their degree with a certificate for a more targeted course of studies.  The certificates include: Aging and Longevity Studies, Entrepreneurial Management, Leadership Studies, Museum Studies, Nonprofit Management, Public Health, and Writing.   

For more information, contact Susan Grau at or by calling 712-274-8733 ext 1675.

ISU & WITCC Partnership in Sioux City

ISU and Western Iowa partnershipIowa State University and Western Iowa Tech have joined together in a partnership that allows students to complete their first year of courses for the College of Design without leaving Siouxland, starting this Fall.  Students can sign up for Design courses at Western Iowa Tech and take 1 course face-to-face at Design West in downtown Sioux City during the Fall and Spring to complete their first year requirements at ISU.  For more information, contact Susan Grau at: or 712-274-8733 ext 1675.